About Me

I am an energetic student. I try to have fun doing my projects. I’m also creative in my projects. In my periodic table project I made a game. I love to play with friends. I also love video games and soccer. I have learned a lot in SOAR and have had a fun time playing and doing projects with my friends.

An obstacle I found was adjusting to project work. Another problem I had was asking for help. That is still one of my problems. It wasn't too hard to adjust because I was homeschooled for a long time. So it wasn't way too different. Health is also a problem for me. The reason for this is because I'm missing so many days and on a lot of medication.

Some advice I would have for younger students:

  1. Ask for help on projects
  2. Make friends fast
  3. Do group projects
  4. Talk to your partner a lot
  5. Try new things that you think will be fun
A photo of Gavin